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Priming second extruder

How should I modify this script to also prime the second extruder on a Duo ?

G92 E0
G1 E-2.0000 F1800
G1 Z0.600 F2400
; layer 1
Z = 0.6
; tool H0.600 W0.480
; outer perimeter
G1 X11.727 Y110.865 F3600
G1 E0.1000 F540
G92 E0
G1 X14.053 Y110.865 E0.2288 F630
G1 X14.053 Y187.194 E7.7334
G1 X13.924 Y187.194 E7.7461
G1 X13.924 Y110.994 E15.2380
G1 X11.856 Y110.994 E15.4413
G1 X11.856 Y187.194 E22.9331
G1 X11.727 Y187.194 E22.9459
G1 X11.727 Y110.865 E30.4505
G92 E0


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