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Heater Decoupled
So i took the extruder out, put it back in then took it out again and when i put it back in i get that its decoupled,
Sounds like the classic broken wire...

how would i find out which wire it is?
It will be either the heater wires or the thermistor wires. It's best to test them with a meter.

how would i do that and i already soldered the connectors
Please do a search, there are several threads that discuss how to test and where the problems usually are. They can be in the wire itself internally or at the connection or even on the extruder.

ive done that and it didnt help
(08-07-2015, 06:35 PM)Zoomx19 Wrote: ive done that and it didnt help

I have the same problem.  I switched heater wires on my duo and briefly turnedd it on to heat the right extruder with the left wires.  It started up ok and the thermistor reported a rapid rise in temp for the right side on the front panel so I shut it down.  Also checked the board, the resistor values appear to be the same around both heater circuits.
What else could it be.  Maybe I should reload the firmware.

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