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Repetier Flash - printer immediately shuts of
Hi All,

I flashed Repetier 0.92 to my Da Vinci 1.0 printer (Jp1 jumper) using Arduino 1.5.8 - but as soon as it was complete, the printer shuts off. I have to manually switch it back on, which causes it to shut off again. (Basically, once flashed, the printer will remain ON for
It sounds like you might have copied the wrong versions of the files to the Arduino ide directory.

No dice. Just to be sure, I uninstalled Arduino and any XYZ software that I could find. Restarted my computer, Installed 1.5.8. Downloaded a fresh ZIP of da vinci Repetier 0.92. Coppied the varrients and USB files into the arduino file (replacing what was already in there).

Same issue. Power supply just shuts off. If i reset or reinstall XYZ firmware, everything works fine. I suppose the next step is the replace the power supply? Or just buy a RAMPS kit and gut it....
I just replaced the power supply with an old one I had laying around and that did not work. Then I removed the SD card (on a whim) and it worked fine! So lastly, I swapped out the SD card for a Samsung 4gb card and it now starts up and runs normally.

My old PSU still does not work. I cant think of a reason why it would work normally without Repetier, but shut down with Repetier?

So I will use the new one, just have to find a place to mount it....

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