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E3dv6 lite not keeping temperature
I have installed an e3dv6 lite on Andy's carriage using Alex's Bowden extruder. Both stellar designs by the way.
the heating element is secured well with the set screw tightened as much as i dare to. The heater cable is soldered to a connector which plugs into the motherboard. The only fan used is the small extruder fan that comes with the e3d kit.
The extruder heats well to around 200c, but seems to struggle to reach 230. Finally the print starts. I notice the temp goes down to about 215 ...until finally repeater throws in the towel stating it cant keep temperature.
anyone else have this issue??
You're using the 25W heater cartridge that came with it? Scrap that thing... use the 35W that came in the Da Vinci, or use a 40W you can purchase off ebay for a few bucks.
Is this a known issue with the E3Dv6 Lite heater cartridge?
Is the same true with the regular E3Dv6 cartridge?
I did try the 35W davinci cartridge even with the small fan i have blowing on it. it kept 245C without a problem.
You were certainly not off the mark on price for a 40W cartridge. Cheap as beans no doubt!
I ordered 5 shipped for $8US

Thanks a million for the direction.

I still wouldnt mind someone answering my questions above.

Couldn't tell you. I was running a 40W cartridge in my OEM Da Vinci before I installed the E3Dv6. I took one look at the 25W heater and said "well that ain't gonna cut it" and kept the 40W. No problems whatsoever.

Interestingly enough, my FlashForge Creator Pro runs 25W heaters on both extruders... but since installing an active layer cooler on it, I have to set it 2-3C higher to maintain proper temp.

Just be careful if you're running a 40W cartridge, James' 140W borosilicate heated bed, layer cooler, and a RPi B model off the OEM power supply... it won't cut it. I upgraded to a 320W unit and have had no issues since.

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