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Da Vinci 1.0A cant print PLA overhangs.
Hello my Davinci 1.0A running Repetier host and an E3D v6 can't print overhangs. If I add support material it looks worse than on my friends Prusa I3 without support. The temperature I am printing with is 200 °C (If I lower the temperature it starts clicking) on the Extruder and 85° C for the first layer and 70 ° for the other layers on the Bed. If I am watching the prints the material comes out very fast and just drip all the way down to the bed. My Slic3r settings are: Bridges: 20 mm/s and Gap fill: 20mm/s. I don't have a cooling fan that cools the material. Do I just need to add a cooling fan ?
I've never succeed in bridging pla without a fan. You could even try the door open with a small fan blowing across the print, but this sometimes causes an unevenness from side to side. Worth a try though, imo.


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