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Does the AIO support PLA, stock out of the box?
I already have a da vinci 1.0(420+ hours of printing, and still going strong), and was thinking about getting a AIO. So i was wondering does the AIO print PLA stock out of the box? Thanks
Yes, but be prepared to be locked into XYZ cartridges if you update FW. 1.1.5 defeats cartridge reset efforts.

Also, the scanning is pure crap. I've been at it for the past month. I have yet to get a scan that's even remotely decent. I'm returning it under the 30 day money back guarantee.
I received my first 3D printer this week, an AiO, and can confirm that it prints PLA with no modifications. I have been delighted with the prints but as stated above the scanner is absolute pants and as such I am returning it and have received a Duo instead. My problem now is the Duo is throwing up error after error, refuses to work with one PLA and one ABS cartridge and also refuses top work with a single PLA cartridge (have ordered a second to see if that will work). First ABS print was rubbish due to sheathed cables catching on the side of the frame (now sorted) but all in all rather disappointed with the Duo also. Now in a quandary whether to keep the AiO with crap scanner or persevere with the Duo.
Hmmm,, I have read that the AIO with 1.1.5 will work with the zerocart from WCTEK.COM , Is that inaccurate ?
From the WCTEK website:

There are issues with the 1.1.4 firmware. One would presume that the 1.1.5 didn't fix the resetting issue Smile

I sent my AiO back and got a 1.0A. Very happy with that decision. I was unable to get the resetter to work with the AiO 1.1.5, but I discovered I had an issue with my homebuilt resetter, so I can't say for certain anymore.

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