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Da vinci 1.0a broken belt
So I had my printer for two days now, made about 8 prints with it.

When I was printing the nozzle started to move outside my printspace and it sounded wierd.

Checked the belts and than I saw that one of my belts was nearly off =/

It is marked: T132 s2m.

What does the numbers stand for?
Can I buy any belt with that numbers and it will work?

Here is the belt:
Should still be under warranty, yes? Contact the company and have them send you a new belt.
Your belt shouldn't tear like that. Your gears might be too tight. But anyways the t132 is teeth count (probably for the entire belt). You need to find out the gears t count and width of belt and length and you might find something online. But since that belt is really small it will be hard to find.
Well I talked to the retailer for the printer and they had me sent a new one. I dont think its to tight, there is a belt-tension-mechanism holding against the belt to make it perfect. Im going to have my eyes on it after installing the new one.

I spent alot of hours in the weekend to find a new belt, I found one on ebay, it was a 6mm, mine is 5, but there is enough space to run a 6mm on there so it might be a better deal for the printer, the small 5mm is driving two other 5mm belts, so I think it will be better in a long time to run the 6mm, I will try =)

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