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Auto Bed leveling modifications
Hello everyone! This is my first post to the forums, and I REALLY appreciate everything this forum does to help along our little printers!

I own a da vinci 1.0 that I've done and e3d v6 hotend, aluminum build plate, new extruder fan, flex coupler on the z axis, and a few other mods. So far, I haven't been using the auto bed leveling routine on the machine due to not having the stock hotend on there anymore. However, I'm thinking it would be fairly easy to design a holder for a fotek inductive sensor, as used on the printrbots. With my aluminum build plate, this should allow me to do auto bed leveling that way.

Does anyone know how the auto bed leveling in the davinci actually works? I need to figure out which wires to hook up to what.

Thanks guys!
Auto bed leveling does not work the way one would expect. It moves the head to three different positions and moves the bed up and down until a sensor probe contacts a point on the bed. At that point when the X or y move the z is adjusted to maintain level. It's hard on the Z, and it's not all that accurate and repeatable. In the end I 100 percent believe manual bed leveling is the way to go.

Yes I know how it works in practice, but I'm curious as to the theory of it. With a few mods, I think auto bed tramming can be a great way to get things working well every time.

I know there are wires on the bed for electrical contact to the hotend, but the hotend has no wires for an auto level sensor? The only wires directly to the hotend are the thermistor and heater wires. Is the hotend grounded and it completes a circuit when the probe touches? I don't think that's it, but it's possible.
There is a small protrusion from the hot and just to the side that makes contact with three points on the board. The problem is that the fumes generated when 3d printing are enough that it stops the two from making an electrical connection when they touch together, resulting in it being unreliable at best. Many of us have tried to fix it but the result is the same. Because of the inconsistency is in bed leveling with regards to that sensor it will never be 100%. On the other hand one can manually align the bed and literally not touch it for months. I have done dozens if not hundreds of prints over the last six to eight months and only align the bed one time.


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