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DaVinci with Repetier led light / SD Card questions
Flashed my 1.0 with Repetier with no problems. I can not get the LED's to turn on when I set this to"On when Printing" in the settings menu. I can turn the lights on using the LED lights setting but they are latched on all the time,even if I set the power saving mode to LED off @ 30 ms. I liked the factory setup that turned the LED's on if you pressed an arrow key then went off after a set time. Is this function not operable ?
Also on possibly a related note, after I flashed my firmware I removed the factory SD card thinking I could write a Gcode to this and run the printer from the SD card. I did not load any files to the card but I did read it from my computers card reader. I replaced the factory card back into the printer and on power up the settings on the printer had turned on the sounds that where not on before I removed the card. So have I done something to my EEPROM settings or is the SD card not a operating function.
Any quidance would be greatly appreciated in these questions.

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