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Excelfil 1.75 extruder temp flashed 1.0A Qustion
Good morning all,

As you can see I am a relative newbie. I have an XYZ 1.0A that has been flashed since I received it. Never even tried it with the original. Anyhow, Have just started using Exelfil 1.75 black and have gone through an extruder heat calibration with steps every 5 degrees from 220 to 255. My best results seem to occur at 250C. This seems high to me, but what do I know. Melting point on the box indicates 260C and the temp graph on this site indicates 226C for the speed I am running (40). I do not have an additional instrument to check the accuracy of the davinci extruder temp readings.
Is anyone out there using the same filament who can compare their extruder temps with mine?

Don Tuff
Dear Don,

Our Voltivo ABS indeed prints best at 226C (but our test printers are all temp calibrated to +-3C).

I also saw similar temp display issues at first on our Davinci. I used a thermometer and then adjusted the firmware parameters according to reflect the correct temperature on the display. XYZ uses fairly basic sensors and they always will be off.

On the other hand, if you are printing fine with a reading of 250C, just take note and set your slicer accordingly.

best regards,


Thank you for your response. I have been away in Maine and just returned on Tuesday. I have purchased a thermocouple temperature guage and made some measurements last night. I ran the extruder to 230C (cleaning mode) and let it sit at that temp for about 10 minutes I placed the k thermocouple next to the extruder orifice an held it there for 5-7 minutes once it stabilized (relatively). The temp swung between 198C and 205C throughout this period leaving an average temp of 201.5C. This leaves a 28.5C difference between actual measured temp and display temp. This lends some credence to my 250C print temp (226C + 28.5C = 254.5). Now the question is how do I get the proper reading on the display, saving it to the e-prom and in reading found in Repetier Host. It is my opinion that once the set off is saved, Repetier Host will see the corrected number, unfortunately I am not software literate. So if you or anyone else can lead me in the right direction, I would very much appreciate it.

Don Tuff
Hi Donald,

Changing the offset unfortunately will not be easy if you are not familier with compiling your own firmware.
You will have to change the Thermistor tables int the firmware:
The config tool can help generate the tables.
There have been quite a few discussions in regards to this topic in the forums.
Have a search for temperature offset. You'll find a few. Also in the firmware thread.

In case you use Octoprint, you can also configure the offset in the interface, and Octorprint will take care of it.

best regards,

Thanks again Oliver.

I may just add the 28.5C when I set up my config with the slicing program until I can jump into trying to compile/modify my own firmware. not very pretty but would do the trick now that I know the amount of offset needed.

Again thank you.

Don Tuff

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