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ok, may have messed up.
ok here we go, i have the version 1.1.5 ..... am i totally lost when it comes to resetting filament cartridges... i was wondering if the chips for the cartridges were in the same for the AIO's as the rest, i've tried resetting with both codes i could find online with the help of the arduino and to no avail. i was wondering if i was doing something wrong or if there is no hope for me now, i didn't turn off internet to the printer till just recently because i'm stupid... tis be why it's 1.1.5 .... i am almost at the point where i'll buy their cartridges just to build a new printer.

any help is appreciated, and i'm a MAC is that helps or hurts the process. i have all kinds pics and processes i've went through if ya need any info to help me not be stupid anymore lol

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