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circles oval losing patience
hi have a davinci 1.0 running repetier firmware have no play in any off the mounting have done the bearing mod to the x pulley but jet keep getting the same result its like the x axis is moving to much is there something in setting or firmware ? [Image: 11748552_10155986349540647_399807665_n.jpg]
I guess that all your belts are tight and bearing mount all ok?
Is the x axis parallel ie it touches the two front pulleys equally?
Did you change the original speed parameter in repetier?

Hope this help.
If your x-belt is too tight, it will move further in the x-direction than the firmware expects.

And on the flip-side, if the y-belts are too loose, it will move less distance in the y-direction than the firmware expects.

When you put bearings in your x-belt idler, if you got it crooked at all it can lead to the belt constantly tightening and loosening.

Any of these can lead to out-of-round circles. Do another test print, but this time mark the front so you can tell exactly what angle the error is happening at.

Also take measurements. If you printed a 20mm diameter circle, see which direction is short (or long)
Also make sure to calibrate both X & Y.
I had the same thing. The belts were tight, firmware good and software up to date. The issue was on the right hand belt it had skipped 3 teeth on the belt. I just turned the machine off. Pulled the extruder carriage all the way to the front and you could see the left hand side id not contact the bars so it was off on that side causing the ovals. I just pulled the belt over the skipped teeth and then re tightened the belt . I followed this

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