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Prints mush down on bed.
Hello! I'm kind of a noob to all things 3D printing and this is my first post here! Smile

I found an XYZPrinting Da vinci 1.0A at MicroCenter for a price I just could not pass up. I have around 20 hours of printing on it so far and only 55M of filament left in the cartage that came with it. I have been watching lots of YouTube videos about them and reading lots of forums.

I have a few questions that I have not found the answers to yet.

1) All of my prints seam to smash down onto the print bed even after doing the print head calibration with a pice of paper thing I found here in these forums. I made a 10mm test cube and it prints almost perfectly in X and Y, but by the time it's done printing Z ends up around 9.65mm high and the bottom looks all flaired out like a trombone... Is the bed getting to hot and the parts deform at the base? How to fix this?

2) I'm seeing what I can only describe as snow falling on the bed during the build. Is this normal?

3) I keep getting dark burn marks in my prints.

I have only been using the natural ABS that came with the printer.

Thank You![Image: IMG_3557_2015-07-15-2.jpg][Image: IMG_3533_2015-07-15.jpg][Image: IMG_3524_2015-07-15.jpg][Image: IMG_3516_2015-07-15.jpg]
A squashed first layer is good, it helps your print stick to the bed. Otherwise your print will lift and warp.
You could try lower the bed by about 0.1mm to reduce the amount of squash but you run the risk of the print not sticking to the bed properly.
The burn marks are probably due to your extruder temp being a little too high. Try reducing the temp by 5°C or so.
As for the snow, probably due to the poor quality of the xyz filament.
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