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Downgrading firmware 1.2.7 to 1.1J
Has anyone tested the downgrade from 1.2.7 to 1.1j?

I got the Davinci XYZ 1.0 starting with the serial number 3DP01-.
Just bought the new Snow White cartridge and it doesn't work, after messing around with software and firmware it seems the cartridge chip is just plain DOA.
Even after upgrading to 1.2.7 from 1.1j it doesn't get recognized, older cartridges work immediately when loading them in.

I tried communicating with the printer through the serial monitor, it doesn't turn on or off the LED's with the DAVLCB_0/1 commands.
It does respond with [email protected] and [email protected], entering 'DAVERD' does return the serial number as well.

Will the downgrade firmware be properly installed after jumping jp1 whilst not being able to turn on and off the LED lights (It does respond to the DAVERD command)?

Don't wanna risk bricking the damn thing without any information about the 1.2.7 firmware, can't find anything on the web.

Thanks in advance.
Personally, if you want to play with the jumper jp1, I would reset the board and install repetier host. You will be able to use any cartridge (even the xyzprinting one) and your will see a major progress in your printed things. Forget about bricking, it won't happen.

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