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Another Thermistor Temp Issue after E3d mod
Hi all, hopefully someone can help me cos this is driving me mad!

I designed and installed a new mount to get an E3d V6 head onto my davinci 1.0 printer. It all fits properly and I plugged the supplied thermistor into the existing electronics board .

When I flashed the printer with Repeteir 092, I followed the instructions and changed define EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE to 8 for the supplied ATC Semitec 104GT-2 thermistor.

When I powered it up, I noticed that the bed temp was 29 (probably right as its always a little off) but the extruder temp was -7.

Any ideas why??

Also noticed when attempting to level the bed it wouldn't heat past 191C (which I assume is 191+7+ambient =223 C)

Aaron has a thread on this forum with a custom table that works. Just use the search. Can't remember where it is off hand.

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