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Repetier firmware in *.bin format?
I had bricked my Duo after installing the latest firmware from
After several days of research; solved the problem by downloading stock firmware here:
Put jumper 1 to flash then using Arduino bossac.exe typed this in command line:
bossac -e -w -v -b F20_20140626_FW_2A19_V2.0.J_RELEASE.bin
Now my printer boots with stock firmware and can print.

My question: is there a Repetier firmware in *.bin format for DaVinci 2.0 that I can flash with?
Here is the bin file I just reflashed with.. my printer is a 1.0 with the jp1 jumper. Hopefully this will be helpful.
I was looking for Davinci Duo 2.0 *.bin file.
Thanks for offer.

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