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Some basic shizz
Hi all,

I'm a total newb to 3d printing so please go easy on me!

I have a Duo with two fans and it says System Version 1.0.F

When I attached my printer to my PC I stupidly allowed it to upgrade itself, so I don't know if that version precludes me from doing anything worthwhile with it.

I have not attempted to flash it yet. I want to at least print some stuff to it before I brick it =) I will be using the excellent video guide and the great posts from Luc and others regarding this so I will probably be back with some questions but I have totally RTFM'd Smile

So, I have some basic questions about 3d printing in general. If there is a basic 3d printing FAQ here please can someone point me to it.

here we go (sorry they are so basic):

1. What are the benefits of using PLA over ABS - I see a few people prefer it and they all have different reasons.
2. What are the optimal temps for the extruders and bed for both PLA and ABS. ABS seems to have 210 nozzzle deg (and PLA 190) but I see a few ppl using less - why?
3. Do I really not have to use a heated bed for PLA?
4. How do I make my models "denser" or stronger? They seem to have quite a flimsy honeycomb lattice. Is this this called "infill"?
5. What is the difference between "infill" as in S3d and "3d density" as in XYZWare? Are they basically the same thing but with vastly less options in XYZW? Will this setting make my models stronger as in Q4?

I have more but I think I'll wait.

Thanks in advance guys,


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