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Print quality horrible after upgrading to Repetier 1.5
I've been printing happily for a long time with Repetier 1.0.6. I upgraded to 1.5 this weekend. Changed no settings; they were picked up from the previous version. Now I get periodic extruder clicking and the prints are all lumpy and ugly. I have checked all the settings, and they look identical to what I was using before. I can't see why the upgrade would have caused this symptom since settings "apparently" hadn't changed. Anybody else experienced this?
Did you reset the settings to accomodate new methods and values in rep firmware? You might want to reread the flashing instructions, paying attention to the settings reset section. You can reset via gcode or front panel, depending on version. You must do this with every new version you flash.
Here are the specifics i referenced, from Luc's github:

After printer restarted do not forget to send G-Code M502 then M500 from repetier's Print Panel tab or from the printer menu "Settings/Load Fail-Safe" and accept to save the new eeprom settings.
I did not reflash the printer. It has remained unchanged for several months. I only updated Repetier host because I liked the new slic3r version. I reverted to version 1.0.6 this morning and prints are back to normal. I guess I'll just stay with the old version. I DID save one of the old version's slices and it prints ok in version 1.5, so whatever the problem is, it must be in Slic3r, although I can't imagine what changed that would cause feed problems.
Doh, my apologies, I misread that you reflashed to a new version. I guess my first thought that a senior member definitely would know to reset settings after a flash was warranted. Wink Can you point your new rep version to your old slic3r? Ive been off rep for awhile now so I cant remember if thats easy to do or not. That would at least give more isolation to your investigation.
I intend to do some research on the problem. I'll let you know. The only way I can see to get feeder clicks and blobs is a serious problem with the filament feed calculations in Repetier Host. I don't think Slic3r makes those decisions. I thought it was the firmware that did that, and the firmware didn't change. I'll have to slog through some gcode produced with the 2 different versions and try to find out who's scrogged. Too bad, as I really liked the new version of Slic3r. Hope that's not it!
UPDATE: Well, it wasn't the software's fault. I couldn't figure out how software could do that, and it didn't. Just a coincidence, apparently. The problem was wet filament. Even though I typically stored the filament in a ziploc bag with a dessicant pack, it still had too high a moisture content.
A couple of days in a sealed can with a bag of silica gel cat litter solved the problem. Another painful lesson learned. Now it's starting to look like XYZ's decision to put the filament in cartridges with a dessicant was not entirely a financial one. It probably saved countless tech support calls due to moist filament. Time to get a sealed filament dispenser of some kind.

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