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Y Axis Troubles
I just today re-flased my Da Vinci 1.0 to repetier using the stickied method. I also fixed a broken bearing mount in the back right corner of my printer. After re-assembling it and powering it on, I hit the home all axis button on reptier host manual control. When the Y axis gets all the way to the back right corner it starts chattering like it is trying to go further than it actually can and it sounds like something is on the verge of brakeing. I didn't change any settings in repetier host, all the settings are the same as before when the printer functioned normally. My EEPROM home axis values are X:-33 Y:-12 Z:0. I have not changed any settings on the printer itself. Also the "SET ORIGIN" function on the printer doesn't seem to be functioning. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jace.
Check the endstop sensor and wiring, swap it with the lid sensor if need be... they're the same part.
Is that the sensor on the left hand side towards the back, in the white housing? Is it possible to set an end stop in reptier and not even worry with the sensor? I've tried changing a few values in the printer settings and eeprom with no luck.
Yes, and the lid sensor is in the top right
ok thanks, I was editing my last post when you replied.
You can't configure out the endstop sensor. It needs one sensor per axis to base all movements off of.
you can check end stop status without homing by going page 2 (use down key on main screen)
you will see empty/blcak square after X/Y/Z position, empty square if endstop is not reached and black square if end stop is reached - so you can manually move x/y axis to test end stop reaction
just swapped out the lid sensor with the y sensor and that seems to have fixed me up. thanks for the quick reply.
where is the best place tro order replacement sensors from?

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