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Da Vinci 1.0 Parts For Sale, Linear Rods, Belts, Heated Bed
I have a bunch of parts from my Da Vinci 1.0. Please do not ask if I have anything else for sale, only whats shown in the images do I have. Make me an offer to my email: http://[email protected]

- Stock glass heated bed and wires, insulation pad, and a 1/4th cast aluminum plate precision ground flat ordered from McMaster. The glass bed has a chip in it, but I sandwiched the aluminum plate on top of it, so it did not effect anything. This combo works very well because its very even heat.

- I have the full set of all the rods that are in the printer. Some have some grooves in them I think its only on the Z axis rods that I noticed. I was running linear ball bearings and it appears the shafts are not very hard. If you use the stock bushings this should not effect anything, maybe just some fine sanding needed. Pulleys are still installed to the rods.

- I have the full set of belts, all in good condition, some oil residue on them, works perfectly.

- Full set of Z axis lead screw and nut.

- Stepper motor, the one that rides inside the Y carriage, that moves the X axis.

- Other misc parts and pieces, springs from the bed, and belt tension, thumb nuts for the stock bed adjustment, Y and Z motor mounts, etc. [Image: 20150703_031142_resizedSmall.jpg][Image: 20150703_031127_resizedSmall.jpg][Image: 20150703_031232_resizedSmall.jpg][Image: 20150703_031432_resizedSmall.jpg][Image: 20150703_031201_resizedSmall.jpg][Image: 20150703_031424_resizedSmall.jpg]
more interested in what all you did to the printer to upgrade, any threads on that here?


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