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Extreme Hardware Mod: 16mm Z axis, 10mm X and Y, E3dv6, GT2
Hi, everybody, I am getting quite good results from my DaVinci 1.0, running on repetier host, after solving all the known issues.

I have glued the brass bearings, changed the heater connectors, added extruder fan…

But my company recently bought a Zortrax M200, which printed parts are so perfectly smooth, the davincy could only dream of. This printer is about 2000€ so it has to be better, that’s clear, but the goal is to reach similar “smoothness” on parts walls on the davinci.

I think the weak rods, and especially the weak bed is the main reason the layers are not 100% perfectly equal. Also the brass bearings are not high end, so I have designed a stiffer bed with 16mm rods, and 6mm lasercutted steel bed. Also I will add a backlash free threaded rod, which will be held down on a back plate with two bearings, connected to the motor with a cutted alu coupling.

Also I plan to add an e3d v6 direct drive extruder with 10mm hardenend rods for x and y axis also with ball bearings, Driven by Gt2 belts

I will keep you up to date.

Greetigns from Vienna
[Image: 02-07-201518-21-49_2015-07-03.jpg]
looks like you're going to beat me to it. I was planning on beefing up my Z axis this summer. I think I'm going to end up using a bed from a solidoodle though.
First parts arrived, i am going to install the e3d to the stock carryier for a first test. have to wait for the gt2 belts and laser cut bed parts.

[Image: dav_2015-07-10.jpg]
quickly preassembled the bed. 6mm aluminium. it is bulletproof, no play at all! looking forward to first test prints [Image: IMG_20150731_123505.jpg][Image: IMG_20150731_123457.jpg]
Great looking mod. Can't wait to see the outcome.
I'm definitely curious about the bed. One thing I hate the most is the bed on my machine and have been wanting to replace it with something better.

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