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Flashing DaVinci 2.0 Duo
Hello Community,

I just bought a Davinci 2.0 Duo. I want to use Repetier or whatever firmware that lets me use my own filament (I am a chemist and I am developing custom filaments: glow in dark, magnetic, dielectric, UV, etc). And of course I need to just pop my filament and print without much pain.

System version on printer say 1.0.B
On the main window it says da Vinci 2.0.A

what video tutorial will guide me to load such firmware?
Where do I get the file?
I can send pictures of my board as I understand is not known what jumper is the one that resets the eprom...
thanks for all the help.

Daniel H
same flashing way as 1.0A :
and change to 2.0A in configuration .h (DAVINCI 3, MODEL 1)
Thanks so much for the reply. I wrote this question when I was half way reading the other forum thread.
I guess if I have the sliding problem I have to isolate the wires or make better ones right?
Also, I have not used repetier but I can do two colors right? and also clear filament?
Also, should I back up the SD card from my printer in case something goes wrong?
Should I share pictures of my board? just to make sure that I am on the right track?
Im just really nervous that the topic on sliding seems not to be closed yet. I really dont want to have the problem, but I am willing to change all the wires if it comes to that.
Printing my own filaments is extremely important to me... and also change the temperature of the extruder. I am a chemist and I am making my own filaments for future applications.. I can even provide samples for the help.. after I test if it works of course
yes decrease speed / acceleration will also decrease the noise that generate the false signal on end stop wire - Davinci is very fragile that is why so many wire/connectors issues - it is cost down product
shifting issue has several root cause and these were wrongly put together and linked to repetier when stock has also problem - can be slicer / end stop / belt / motor / pulley, that is why it is open, it is common issue especialy on new generation board

yes full control on printer - check readme on github for more details and menu to disable sensors (door/filament/etc..)

On SDCard the custom FW add a new file EEPROM.bin and does not change anything else on SDCARD, but it is always safe to do a backup. but be aware no revert back to stock FW exists today after flashing repetier due to some protection on stock FW
I really appreciate the patience.
I also wonder if I can use the cartridges just to store the generic ABS filament? or should I remove the chip? does that interfere at all?
Thanks a lot again.
you can do what you want - cartrige chip is not used on custom FW - it is ignored, so you can use cartrige, chip won't be read/modified
Here is a picture of my board.
I am ready to do it and all i need is the last verification that this board is what you or other people have reported as working with repetier.
Thanks and wish me luck
I can also share the files from the card if needed.. I backed it up[Image: Board.jpg]
imin deep trouble.
I did everything and after flashing it comes just fine and every like 1 minute it restarts again and again and again and again
what is wrong?
in variant.cpp, there is a line 421


uncomment it

and reflash, this will stop restart

then comment again a flash again this should set timer properly
I nearly lost my heart on there. Is orking fine now. I loaded fail safe and is fine. Adjusted bed as well.
About repetier software. I am having some trouble with it. Is there a list of settings I need.... When I try to move the bed from the software it queues the command but then it takes a long time to actually perform the command. I tried reducing the baud rate but no luck.
This is constantly showing on the command window

06:50:04.507 : Communication timeout - reset send buffer block
06:50:04.507 : N4511 M105 *54
06:50:07.238 : N4512 M105 *53
06:50:10.293 : N4513 M105 *52
06:50:13.350 : N4514 M105 *51
06:50:16.410 : N4515 M105 *50
06:50:19.467 : N4516 M105 *49
06:50:22.522 : N4517 M105 *48

Also, do I need to program the bed size? or the extruders?
before printing, do I need to turn on the extruders and fans and stuff?
Repetier host need to be setup properly for communication
Baud rate must be same on printer and repetier host
check here :

yes bed size need to be set in slicer to center object and avoid over dimension
number of extruders also need to be set but not position of second extruder as this is handled by FW
FW control fan so you do not have to use any fan command unless you use the repurpose fan configuration

for how to use repetier host ->
All good so far.
Now, i am trying to print and never present when it happens but it starts well and then at different heights every time, it stops moving and I get partial prints with a lots of material on one side just there.... I just tried to print something not as big to see and it looks like the Z does not move down as fast as it needs and the head starts to move in the middle of the everything and at some point I guess it will cool and get stuck.
Any insights?
something I observe is that the first layer does not land correctly... I think the second layer is the one that actually touches the bed. I know I need to adjust the bed, but something like that is the opposite of what I would expect to happen.
Thanks a lot
yes bed leveling and cube calibration

also check you did not set any offset in slicer
I corrected the problem. I observed that the bed lowered a little more than the set.. it was an offset.
But the problem still persists, past 2 cm or so it does not lower anymore, or it stops.... dont know if its related to the acceleration topics... I will decrease acceleration and see what happens... but I am frustrated. Prints look great and precise and nice, but it just does not pass that point for some reason.

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