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Replacement Belt
Hi all, I'm looking for a replacement belt for the Y axis stepper to the cross bar. It's marked as 132-S2M (66 teeth) but I can only find 130 (65 teeth) and 134's (67 teeth) on ebay Sad Any ideas where I can get one? I'm in Aus if that matters as well.

Failing that, will the extra tooth make a big difference? I'm assuming altering the length will make small changes to the steps actual length, is there a way to recalibrate that?

you need a belt 6mm wide and I think 20T is the bearing. I created a post a while back in hardware mods that has a link to gt2 pulleys and gears. You can upgrade to them without modding the printer settings. you might be able to get away with just using the pulley and not the gears. Search for it.

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