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Need to Use Pins for E2 Heater
First off, I have an XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 (new board, serial number begins with 3F10A) and I am using Repetier .92 on it.

It works and prints fine, until just recently.
I believe I may have fried (somewhere on the board) the heater for my extruder when I accidentally game them a shorted circuit. (labeled "E Heater" on the board, J4)
[Image: e_heater.jpg]
This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
I think this because whenever I get the printer to start heating up the extruder, no voltage is applied to these pins at all. I can get it to heat up by connecting 12 volts directly to the cable attached to it, as that's how it's supposed to heat up anyways. And I can confirm that the temperature displayed on the LCD screen does increase so it can tell the temperature when I get it to increase.

My hopes were to be able to modify the current Repetier firmware code I am using to make the printer heat up the pins to the right of the damaged ones (labeled "E2 Heater", J106), these are the pins that would be used to heat up a second extruder.

I was wondering, if anyone could point me to what file this would be in for the firmware that I would change? I'm thinking all I really need to do is change the port number for the extruder heater to the port that would be used for the second one?
this board on picture is old board so if you do modification for new board this can explain the wrong behaviour
it is 1.0 (drivers not soldered and normal SDCard on right of board) not 1.0A (Drivers soldered on main board and micro SD Card on middle of board)

using second extruder pin on 1.0 won't work as transistor/resistor are not populated to support it

userpins.h is where are the pins definition for Davinci
I didn't even notice that it was a different board, I just got the picture from a search, that's completely my fault. But I do have the newer board.

So, if the E2 heater will not work, then let me run my next idea by you.

I don't plan on using a whole lot of different temperatures for my projects, so I was thinking maybe I can mount an Arduino inside the case, hook it up to the sensor used to detect the heat of the extruder, and then use the Arduino to control a relay that will control the new 12V line going to the extruder to heat it up.

Unless I am over-thinking this?
Quote:userpins.h is where are the pins definition for Davinci

On my Repetier firmware files I do not have a userpins.h I do however have pins.h which does indeed have a lot of pin definitions.

But, as you said, even if I change the pin numbers, this won't work, right?

what github do you use ? the FW from my github have userspin.h ,it is the key one for davinci
You can try but I am pretty sure 1.0A is like 1.0 no component for 2nd extruder on 1.0A board (this has a cost and XYZPrinting save as much as they can )
fix the board is safer than what you suggest :
I am using your Github actually. And it was my silly mistake again, the drop-down list to show the rest of the files was too long so I couldn't see userpins.h, but it is there. Sorry about that.

And thanks for the link, I read through it and tested R271 is bad, when the extruder is heating it has 12 volts on one side of it, but not on the other side of it. Making the repairs here in a few minutes, about to run to RadioShack.

Thanks for your suggestions and help. I'm still curious about the firmware so I'm poking around at it.

Also, I apologize for not finding that thread, I've never really done a whole lot with forums before.
well the one you must thanks is Peter - he did a great topic providing the solution to this very common issue Wink as have several others threads about same problem

Hope you can fix it and enjoy printing

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