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Help With Weird Melting Print Issue
So I need help understanding why this model isn't printing nicely.

It all looks perfect except the left edge. This model was aligned with the X/Y axis, so the inside corner can be thought of as the origin with the screwed up wall being the X axis.

It was printed at bed temp of 105, extruder 225 for first layer 215 for all other layers using ABS. Layer height of 0.3. The model height is 3cm with a base of 2cm x 2cm

What is going on?

I've seen something similar to this with a different model that was circular and I printed it with a layer height of 0.2[Image: IMG_0328.jpg][Image: IMG_0329.jpg]
Did you print only one of these at a time? Try printing a few, or adding a layer cooler...
The one in the pictures was printed by itself. I tried again printing two at a time and they came out better, but still not perfect. I rotated one of them 45 degrees and the edges came out better on it, but the back edge had some blobs on it.

Is the part staying too hot, because its so small? I tried dropping the extruder temp and the bed temp on a third print I tried (using 2 again), but its still just not coming out well.

Yes, too small, not enough time to cool before the head comes around again. Print 4, or 6... or get a layer cooler like I said previously.

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