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ABS 1.75 Bridge Torture Test
people who have managed to achieve this: ?
use ABS 1.75 esun Filament.
if so yes, how please?
thank you
stock davinci extruder is too slow to be any good at bridging
and you need a second fan, no ?
That helps, but the stock extrusion speed won't "pull" the filament along... and it'll just droop.

primari layer heigt 0,1000
default printing speed 1000,1
infill 10%[Image: 20150625_173441800x600.jpg][Image: 20150625_173450800x600.jpg]
Faster, you need 60mm/s plus to get good bridging
Quote:Faster, you need 60mm/s plus to get good bridging

Hey tom do you mind helping me with one of my issues? nobody has been able to help me or suggest what i should do. Anything with a round upcline the size of a half dollar or less does this
can I see a picture of the whole item?

It shouldn't need supports but it does this on every print.

Part of my problem with this printer is the bed calibration. All of the points doing the paper test but the rear one will make contact. The middle one is the tightest and I'm unsure how to fix this because I already put a piece of glass on top to try and it's causing the same problem.
I use feeler gauges rather than paper and just get it as close as you can. Try to split the difference between the points. Remember if you lower the front, it raise the back... and vice versa. It's possible your z-carriage is warped, but you should be able to mostly compensate for it.

Second thing, that's the top of the print? Looks like it was hopping back and forth between those two points pretty quick and not allowing them to cool. You may need to look into a layer cooler or print a sacrificial cylinder at the same time that is the same overall height as the main print. Since the print head will have to move away to print the sacrificial object, it will let the main print cool a little.

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