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Different ways of flashing
Complete rookie here, havent even recieved my printer yet. Gets here tomorrow. I bought a very slightly used Da Vinci 1.0. The seller said it has the 1.1.j firmware installed. My question is whether or not it's always necessary to flash/erase the eeprom before flashing Repetier? Or I have also seen another way where it looked like the person just used an older version on XYZWare that allowed him to "update" his Da Vinci using a file from his pc, he did not show jumping the mother board to erase the eeprom like in other videos. Are they both correct methods? Is one method correct given the current firmware on the machine? Just some clarification would be nice. I've browsed through the forums and google to find the answer but this is a whole new language yall speak, over whelming.... Thanks in advance. Jace.
I have the same question (I suspect we have watched the same youtube video), any news?
Yea I ended up watching another video where the gut said that you only need to do the jumper and erase the eeprom if you have to downgrade from another version to a version that allows flashing of repetier or any other instance where a wiped eeprom would be necessary. For my printer it was new and it had 1.1.j already on it. So all I did was install and old version of xyzware, turn off my wifi, and used the upload tool from xyzware to upload the repetier firmware. I never jumped the motherboard. It was easy and super quick.
My machine has 1.2.7 on it, its about a year old (from the shop). I assumed that will work without flashing the eprom because i use an old version of the desktop app because I found it worked better, but is this maybe not the case?
I'm not sure about that version. It possible it could work but I'm not expert. This is the video I followed

He talks about the versions it works with and doesn't work with.
this video is talking about bgm fw which is out dated and only for 1.0, there are more recent video/tutorial stick on top of thread on this forum

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