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Printing hips on a single extruder
Think it would be worth it to print hips supports first then the 3d object after hips are printed. Obviously this would only work for certain 3d print designs. You could have two jobs, or pause a print and switch filament.
FWIW - HIPS prints pretty well on it's own, it's good for things other than just supports.

And when using it as a support (with a dual extruder) and using limonene... you'll quickly find out if your ABS filament is any good lol
I really hate abs. Too much warping and care into to get a plastic print. Might as well stick with PLA. It prints much better, doesn't need a heat bed and comes out amazing every time. In theory it's weaker than abs but not enough to make me care.
Try HIPS as a primary filament then, takes almost as much heat as ABS, more temperature stable (no shinking/warping), stronger than ABS (impact modifier, hence the HI in HIPS), still needs heated bed but sticks really well at 110-115C

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