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Repetier and Clogged Extruder

I have a Da Vinci 1.0a that I have put Repetier .92 on. When I first went to print I didn't realize the axis' were inverted and let it go for about an hour, leading to a clogged extruder. I unclogged it, fixed everything and got it calibrated to what I thought was pretty decent. Now it prints correctly but after about an hour I start to hear the dreaded click, click, click, click from the extruder becoming clogged again. I'm trying to print at .2 or .3, 230 degrees, I've leveled the bed more than I can count. The print quality seems good (pics attached but I couldnt get a good close up). I'm at a loss right now. Any ideas?

[Image: 20150622_202746.jpg][Image: 20150622_202939.jpg]

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