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Da vinci 2.0 Fw upgrade.
I recently tried the arduino 1.5.8 with repeiter upgrade and my Da vinci 2.0 duo with 1 gen board and dual fans would not take the flash to the fw. I have been messing with it for days. Finally i grabbed my laptop, and threw a 32 bit ver. of xp on there and i could flash the fw, however it dropped for no reason and bricked again. So back to trying to flash. It would communicate, but the printer would not accept it. On a fluke i decided to pull the sd card from the back and as soon as i did the printer signaled that the flash had taken (by beeping) and my lcd lit up and read that it had been moded. I tried this 3 more times and each time, the end result is me either having to slide the sd in or out for it to take the flash. I still have had no luck flashing from a 64 bit os. Dont know if this will help anyone but i fidured i would throw it out there.
I'm having EXACT same issue with my Duo of not taking firmware.
Tried your suggestion of removing SD card but no dice.
Also tried on WinXP w/o success.
I downloaded the stock firmware here:
Put jumper 1 to flash then using Arduino bossac.exe typed this in command line:
bossac -e -w -v -b F20_20140626_FW_2A19_V2.0.J_RELEASE.bin

Now my printer boots with stock firmware and can print!
I wish there is a Repetier firmware in *.bin format that I can load for DaVinci 2.0

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