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Da Vinci Jr. filament NFC
Anyone here exploring the new Jr, with its NFC filament for a workaround/hack ? Is this a dead subject for this forum?
I Don't know about the Jr, but if it has the same eeprom chip in the cartridge you can try reset/reprogram it with an arduino uno. That's how I do it with the 1.1 plus.
Jr do not use EEPROM but NFC need an NFC reader/writer to modify content
Don't Android phones have NFC capability, where you can read, but I'm not sure if you can write?
Good thought. I believe they can write since samsung has nfc file transfer, so i hear.

I'm going to guess though the fastest hack would be a firmware swap.

I'll work on it if someone wants to donate a printer. Smile Smile

I Don't know about the Jr

samsung galaxy note 5 etui
#7   Anyone tried this for resetting.

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