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Better prints with non-reset cartridge in the printer???
Hi, this might not be the right place for this post,
Has anyone else noticed that when using stock software / firmware that you get better print quality with 3rd party filament if there is a non-reset, fresh xyz cartridge in the printer???
Maybe it's my reset tool, but I am using "J" firmware and original xyz software with the import gcode mod, and I have kept some empty xyz cartirdges that have been reset a few times to put into the machine whilst using other filament, but I have notice the quality is better with a fresh xyz cartridge rather than the reset cartridges, with the same exact settings in slic3r.
My question is:
1. Does anyone else get this?
2. Does resetting the cartridges multiple times corrupt the information on the cartridge chip?

I've attached a pic of what I mean, the 2 pieces on the left are with the reset cartridge and the right piece is with a non-reset cartridge, same slicer settings.
[Image: IMAG06301.jpg]
Sorry Everyone, I just realised I'm a dumbo!!!!!!!

I was playing with firmware and forgot my resetter doesn't work past "G" firmware.
Forget I was ever here!!!! :whistle:
How did you fix it? I have the same problem!
There was a point a while back that one of the updates that XYZ pushed out would actually degrade the print quality if it detected a cartridge that had been tampered with. That was when I got fed up with them and my fix was to flash Repetier firmware onto the printer. Every time I print something I am glad I did that.

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