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vase print default
Today I tested a lot of vase is default on vase ?
your opinions to the problem?
thank you


Build time: 2 hours 21 minutes
Filament length: 5643.5 mm
Plastic weight: 16.97 g (0.04 lb)


nozzle dia: .40mm
extrusion multiplier: 1
extrusion width: .40mm
ooze control:
retract distance: 2.0mm
extra restart distance: .0mm
retract vertical lift: .0mm
retract speed: 1800mm/min
coast at end: disabled
wipe nozzle: disabled
layer settings,
layer height: .2mm
top solid layers: 4
bottom solid layers: 4
outer shells: 3
outline direction: inside-in
first layer height: 200%
first layer width: 100%
first layer speed: 70%
start points: optimize start points for faster printing speed is checked
additions tab,
skirt settings,
skirt layers: 3
skirt offset: 4mm
skirt outlines: 2
no -rafts
infill tab.
pattern: rectilinear
infill percentage: 10%
outline overlap: 15%
infill extrusion width: 100%
minimum infill length: 5.00mm
print sparse infill every: 1 layer
include solid diaphragm every 2 layers
standard infill angles were used
tempsSad I am printing with abs)
extruder: 230c
bed: 110c
other tab,
printing speed:
outline underspeed:70%
solid infill underspeed: 80%
support structure underspeed: 40%
x/y rapid speeds :3600mm/min
z rapid speed: 2400mm/min
1.75mm dia[Image: 20150615_182647800x600.jpg][Image: 20150615_182614800x600.jpg][Image: 20150615_182552800x600.jpg][Image: 20150615_182535800x600.jpg][Image: 20150615_182527800x600.jpg][Image: 20150615_182518800x600.jpg]
I realized pretty vase now B)


[Image: 20150626_140010[800x600].jpg][Image: 20150621_222757[800x600].jpg][Image: 6cmvase[800x600].jpg][Image: 20150629_191919[800x600].jpg]

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