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Repetier-Host is Printing Off-Center
Hey everyone, after fussing around with my DaVinci for quite a while I have not been able to make it print squarely! I have concluded that slicer's object placement has no effect on the mid point of the printer, and even after working my way through the settings of Repeiter I cannot print correctly!

I have homed the axis and used the manual control to find the mid point (135, 100) but don't really know what to do with them to offset the printing. I included picture just for a better visual understand of it all, cheers! :lol:[Image: IMG_20150614_172021.jpg][Image: IMG_20150614_172104.jpg]
Hi Sam
the setting's you need to change are in the eprom it's under XY&Z home go to printer then configuration scroll down until you find these setting enter the new numbers and close it they will be automacticly saved but be carefull with the numbers they should be minus XXX or what ever you found to be center here you can also set the z or bed level i have just recently flashed my da vinci 1.0A and i am trying to split hairs here to get the correct height so the first layer sticks to the bed.
Also if you find the layers are shifting what i found is that the printer runs to fast and the steppers studder and lose count and position so use the slider to slow it down hope this helps.

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