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Davinci 1.0 / Mismatch / Please help
Ok - here's the issue.

I've been printing from 1 computer (my desktop for months without an issue). All of a sudden, when I go to print from it, I get "Printer Mismatch" issues. I thought it might be a bad USB cord, but here's the thing...

I hooked up my wife's older Win7 laptop (both machines are Win7) and not only can I print from it - but I can upload the firmware to it. I uploaded from 1.1.G to 1.1.J from the laptop. No mismatch errors. When I tried to upload 1.1.J from the desktop, the PC would say, "FW version ERROR".

Is it possible XYZ ware put something on my machine that is locking out the printer from my workstation? Something in my registry perhaps? I've only ever flashed from the same serial number cartridge now for over a year.

I'm at my wits end...I really need someone's help with this. I can't system restore my Win7 workstation as I had no restore point to return to. I've unintstalled and reinstalled XYZWare now so many times I'm sick to my stomach. I had just gotten the printer "dialed in" perfect when this started happening.

Windows issue? (It sees the printer in the Device Manager and says the driver is correct and functioning properly).

Any suggestions a point where I'll pay someone to remote in and fix this....

[Image: 6-11-20157-08-33PM-2.gif]
Do have the right type of printer selected in settings?

[Image: Settings.png]
is it your printer ?
if yes - you have right setting
if not - you don't have right setting
Yes - I have the right printer selected. 1.0

The same software - same settings - same selections - on an older Windows PC runs fine. No Mismatch. No "device not found".

On this PC.........."printer mismatch".
I get this from time to time with my 1.0A.
It can normally be solved one of two ways.
You can either uninstall and reinstall XYZWare, or you can uninstall the printer in Device Manager, and then install it again.
I've done it either way, and it fixes it each time.
Doing it from DM is faster, since I don't need to find my software each time.

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