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probleme the end print ?
I was about to print this:
towards the end I had this:

why these problems?
thank you

use simplify3d[Image: 20150613_131921800x600.jpg][Image: 20150613_131930800x600.jpg][Image: 20150613_131942800x600.jpg][Image: 20150613_131949800x600.jpg][Image: 20150613_132003800x600.jpg]
looks like shifting issue
several root cause - have a look here - someone suggested to decrease acceleration, there are also several part of the printer that need to check - this happen on stock fw also
I had that happen to me on a print. Turned out the nylon tube that the filament feeds thru from the cartridge bay to the printer compartment worked it's way out and the filament was hanging up on the rubber grommet. The drag was enough to cause the print to shift towards the rear of the printer.
The same thing will happen if the filament gets tangled inside the cartridge. Easy to fix by popping open the cartridge, but a waste of the print.
3h10 minutes the project ....
I went out and found the project Sad

system filament no problem ? :dry:

[Image: 20150621_205234800x600.jpg][Image: 20150621_205240800x600.jpg][Image: 20150621_205249800x600.jpg][Image: esun02-2.jpg]
extruder and bed were hot or cold ? was extruder nozzle position in same heigh of last printed layer or higher ?
using SD or host?
is filament jammed or not?
I have not watch it at all...
Next time I look at all ...
I have taken note.
can be many root cause:
short with some wire =>watchdog reset
communication problem => print aborted
temperature control => decouple error
Object is not manifold => slicing issue => unexpected results when printing

need more context/details to be able to help
I begin to understand, the codes is send via the pc, pc overloaded so if the code the brakes to the problem I believe ... I ordered an extension SD if the direct print via SD Card test...
PC family, children play with games ...
yes Always safer to print from SD
help Sad
why these problems? Sad
problem printer or setup simplify3d ???
cube test no problem ?

I understand anything

I test this now[Image: 20150622_220240800x600.jpg]
enfin !
I printed a 20cm long cylinder with ONLY 3 small mini stop not too serious!

I believe that my first file was not good![Image: 20150622_223951800x600.jpg]
Hi Luc, good morning :woohoo:

changing the buffer will solve the problem?

this is where I have to change? to 2024?

I also have to change the baud rate? (115200)
if yes... how I should change?
a big thank you for your help LUC
[Image: buffers3d.jpg]
yes per feedback as I do not use host for printing, and never found solution to this communication issue.
so may be you can confirm this is the right solution

baud rate need to be changed on printer AND S3D

Also you must uncheck "Wait for startup command" in S3D
Hello Luke,
first time I did it!
My setting:

baud rate: 250000
serial cache size: 2024
Wait for startup command: enable

Quote:Also you must uncheck "Wait for startup command" in S3D
It starts but does not print?[Image: 20150623_153057800x600.jpg][Image: 20150623_153124800x600.jpg][Image: 20150623_153132800x600.jpg]
if "Wait for startup command" is checked you may have some issue to connect S3D to printer depending which one start the first
it is just for initiate connection not during printing
Hello B)

I am stubborn! I soon succeed! Confusedilly:
my test today :
no problem with my printer, no stop or bug.
Build time: 3 hours 40 minutes

I joined the FFF
mode vase print
some small defect above to incorrect configuration s3d Sad

[Image: 20150623_205120800x600.jpg][Image: 20150623_205130800x600.jpg][Image: 20150623_205142800x600.jpg][Image: 20150623_205212800x600.jpg][Image: 20150623_205300800x600.jpg]

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