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Error 0013
Can anyone shed some light of what may cause this please?
I have changed the heatbed over to a Prusa MKIIb, using Zerocart, bumped up temps a little to us Voltivo ABS and thats about it.
see my updated post on Soliforums
What it isnt!
Thermistor, heater cartridge, heater PCB,
but still no go
After finding ZERO information on my issue and equally hard to source a main board, I spent the weekend trying to get some life out of it. Solution: flash it with Repetier.
After the flash it was then bricked (two black bars), not the repetier screen. Further investigation lead me to Atmel Studio 6 (I use 7, free download from atmel) With no idea what I was going to do with that app I rebooted my PC as required to install it, with my pc plugged into the printer, I turned the printer on and Holy S##T ! I have life and Repetier screen.
So 5 months later I have progress. Now I need to find out how to use Repetier.
Clearly (to date) the main board is ok.

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