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Help Please Error 0011 Da vinci 1.0 A.i.O FIRMWARE 1.1.1
Sad Hello Everybody newb here but friendly dude . I just bought this a week ago not looking to upgrade any firmware since i have stock firm ver 1.1.1 . So my story is i Reset the Cartridge , help out please .... im going insane here error 0011 on Printer Da Vinci 1.0 A.I.O im fried out of ideas of whats the issue with my Da Vinci Printer got this error after i reset cartrige to 245c with a reseter i bought in ebay heres link
Do u think I need to lower temp to 230c or 210c , wanting to run 3rd party spool of Abs and Nylon ?
thanks again for your help friends.

ebay search REXYZ Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer Filament Cartridge Counter Resetter Custom Setting
I read somewhere on forum that stock FW does not allow temperature over 230 - but I may be wrong
my friend looks like you have the good old problem of the extruder not heating, in the first versions it was due to a shotty connector but with the 1.0a and after you will have the new issue which you can fix like so:

sorry its on there
OH PS I would change the standard heater cartridge that is the reason it did it IMO

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