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Alternative to glue sticks?
Hey guys,

I was thinking of how annoying it is to have to keep using glue every print, and I was wondering: Are there any good alternatives? Here are two ideas I had.

1) Has anyone tried hairspray? I heard that can work well and give a nice, quick, even layer, but without removing the plate every time I'm a bit concerned about spraying that with the nozzle and electronics so close.

2) I heard something about that sanded or sand-blasted glass works well and gives the filament the right amount of traction, anyone know about this?

Has anyone found a better alternative for the Da Vinci? Thanks all Smile
I've used PET tape successfully. After you apply the tape just go over lightly with a 400 grit sandpaper.
Hairspray is actually a pretty common tactic.
It's highly suggested to use extra strength non scented for obvious reasons
Its also best to hairspray a paper towel and then blot your bed with that. Overspray over time will start to accumulate. I recently heard of sugar water being used but havent tried it. ABS slurry is also great for adhesion but cleanup can be time consuming. If buying gluesticks is the issue, you can always use elmers liquid and blot with a paper towel, does take longer to dry though.
The best way to use the glue stick: while bed is cold aplly a good even coat of glue then i level it off with a razor so its nice and smooth. Let it dry and if you did it correctly it should look like a thin sheet of plastic on the glass. I print abs always at 95/245 and get a dozen or so prints without reglueing just let it cool and pop off glass never pry it off.
245 Celsius? Uh you sure you're not printing nylon on a E3D hotend? Those temps will ruin the stock extruder without some seriously modified cooling.
Yea im sure and i dont have stock hotbends. I bought makerbot y ends and run two mk8. I run both my i3's the same. It prints clean sticks and good flat faces. Temp is determined by what brand fillament what diameter tip, diferences in thermisters etc there is no one setting just keep tweaking till it flows correct
K and yeah, I figured as much and mostly made the comment for any new users benefit so that they don't try those temps and wonder why their stock setup went belly up.

As for the brand filament ect, yep Im learning that one the hard way lately Wink
i just use a abs acetone mix. reusing supports, left over dried mix from the hotbed plus random messed up parts. leaves a little clean up on the bed side of the print  put nothing a slap against a piece of sand paper wont fix. plus i don't getting pissy over messed up parts or wasted filament on supports. been doing so for months has yet  to get a warped part Big Grin
I've been using a 200x200x4mm acrylic sheet lately which I spray away from the printer with hairspray.
I then place it on the bed and secure with bulldog clips.
Works great with pla and abs and has the advantage of being able to remove the acrylic sheet to make it easier to remove prints.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
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