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Question about microstepping and steps per mm
What is the micro stepping rate used by the firmware?

Looking in Configuration.h
#define MICROSTEP_MODES {8,8,8,8,8} // [1,2,4,8,16]
So 1/8 microstepping? Or are there other variable / factors that affect it?

But when I try to calculate steps per mm for the z axis I get 1280 not 2560

Steps per mm = (((360/Motor step angle) * (1/microstepping))/Leadscrew pitch)
*Motor step angle = 1.8 deg (from motor data sheet)
*microstepping = 1/8 (from firmware settings)
*Thread Pitch = ? (!!UNKNOWN!! ASSUME 1.25mm for standard M8 threaded rod - NEED TO CONFIRM)

So either the tread pitch is different, I will attempt to measure it ASAP.
Or the step rate is actual 1/16th?

What am I doing wrong?

Davinci is 1/16

in configuration.h
// Microstep setting (Only functional when stepper driver microstep pins are connected to MCU. Currently only works for RAMBO boards
#define MICROSTEP_MODES {8,8,8,8,8} // [1,2,4,8,16]

Davinci is not a RAMBO board
Ah, ok that makes sense. Thanks!

So where is the microstepping rate set in the firmware.
Or is it hardwired into the board?
hardwired into the board

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