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Replacement Cables going to extruder and fan connector
Hi all,
I have a da vinci 1.0A and recently one of the wires burnt up after another wire snapped due to a zip tie being too tight from the factory. This has caused the extruder to click with and without filament being extruded. If i bend the wires at the right angle, the extruder moves smoothly, so I believe that I can rule out the stepper being bad. I was wondering If anyone knew where I could get the two cables going to the fan/ thermistor socket and the stepper motor socket. Any suggestions are very much appreciated
If anyone knows what kind of connectors are used it would be very useful too, as I could make my own cables if I knew what kind of connector.
The connectors are JST 2.0 (2mm pitch), easy to find.
Specifically JST-PH 2.0 (There are a lot of "JST" connectors.)

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