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Printer Mismatch / Printer Error Davinci 1.0 Chip Resetter
Good morning,

I'm running 1.1.G XYZWare

Recently, I'm getting "printer mismatch" errors, having run this unit over dozens of prints. I am using the chip resetter to reset my 1 Davinci filament container.

Is it possible that the chip in the cartridge is going flaky, and I need to get another Davinci printer cartridge to flash?

I know something's wrong on the printer side - because when I go to print the "sample", and press "OK TO BEGIN PRINT" it just goes back 1 menu back to the list of sample prints, instead of starting the print....

Sometimes, when I reboot the machine over and over again, the program will let me print (the mismatch disappears). It's getting worse though, not better. Any suggestions?
Try uninstalling the software and then re-install it, also look at your device manager under windows to see if there is more then one printer listed
I have uninstalled the XYZ ware and reinstalled 3x now with the same results. There are no duplicate printers.

When I try to reinstall the firmware however 1.1.G it gives me a firmware loading error....
When you gon the machine info dose it show a firmware, if not you may have errased it.
Yes, it shows the firmware. 1.1.G. I can't get my computer to see the unit says, "Printer Disconnected", or "Device not found".
This is the error message I'm getting. My question is:

A. can the chip on the original cartridge I've been using "go bad". I've flashed it a number of times. Can this cause the mismatch...does the chip in the cartridge have the information about the printer in there - and if the cartridge chip goes bad the software throws up this message?

I'm running Windows 7. This started happening all of a sudden....
[Image: 6-11-20157-08-33PM.gif]
(06-11-2015, 11:03 PM)eBig mp DogYesDogYes Wrote: , it shows the firmware. 1.1.G. I can't get my computer to see the unit says, "Printer Disconnected", or "Device not found".

I had similar problem on my printer.  All was well as long as i just reset the filament but when I changed the temp it ?was a mismatch after that even if i reset the temp. Had to change cart.  After tha I just changed to repetier FW much better prints now.  But I did have some extra hoops to jump thru as mine was a 1.0a with j37 jumper under win 10 pro. my advise is get new FW??

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