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flashed 1.0a connection problem
hey guys i am bit of a newb here so bear with me , today i flashed my da vinci 1.0a j37 jumper to the repetier .92 firmware following all the instructions ( replacing arduino files etc etc ) and even though the flash seems to be fully successful and the printer works perfectly standalone and it shows up as a arudino due to the computer , getting repetier to work is proving unsuccessful. it does seem to connect but it will not send any print over and trying to move the axes is the same, any help will be appreciated ( running win 8.1 64bit )
Did you setup repetier host for Due and repetier FW ?
sorry how would i go about doing that , nothing was mentioned in the install brief ?
i got it, thanks ( i didn't set the due native port ) setting
you guys' figured out how to flash the 3F 10A printers to repetier firmware were is post located ?
link is here

it seems to work fine for me , props to the developers i really cant fault the firmware just need to learn to dial in repetier

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