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DaVinci z wobble maybe?
hello guys , I'm new here and I always got help by reading the forum as a guest but now its time to get registered , so I bring my problem/issue , I made a lot of mods on the printer and I'm able to get nice and strong prints but I have some weird wobble I think , I don't know how to call it , here's the pic I made earlier. I think that the layer are good but I'm having this weird sagging in the walls , anyone got it or is just my problem?how could I fix it?[Image: 11407230_10152966486903004_5340782738200077791_n.jpg]
I assume you have shimmed the bushing on your z table?

I was getting similar banding, though not as bad, on my prints.
Part of it was z wobble. I shimmed the z bussing, replaced the thread coupler with a flexible one. Used a layer of masking tape to stiffen the z rods in their holders.
This all helped a little but did not eliminate it.
It turns out a big part of it was drag on the filament spool. The force necessary to pull the filament from the spool was enough to yank print head out of alignment as it moved around.
I made 2 changes:
On my older printer the little feed tube that goes between the filament area and the print are was made of rubber. This was adding a huge amount of friction. I removed it. It looks like new models replaced this with some Teflon tubing. So you probably don't have that problem
I was hanging my spools on a piece of pipe. I switched to a table top style holder where they sit on bearings.

These made a HUGE difference in my print quality.
I hope this helps.
I glued the brass bushings on the right side of the bed , then put spacer inbetween the glass walls and the bed wall , the z axys rod is still the bend one from the factory I have to change that , I will try putting the sppol on some ball bearing too , thanks for the suggestion
You can do a real quick test to see if spool drag makes a difference.
Do a quick print and manually keep the filament feeding from the spool extra slack.
That is how I figured out that stupid rubber tube was causing me so much grief.
Try reducing the bed heat. Some people have reported an issue with high bed temps resulting in perceived z banding. (The glass and paddock heat /distort.)

Also, is this every model? You could also try changing layer height.

Hi All,

I having an issue where the printer stop printing out of nowhere and forms a bubble type of thing. However, the very last time I attempted to print something it just stopped and did not form a bubble.
Please see photos attached.
Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks,[Image: IMG_3707.JPG][Image: IMG_3708.JPG]
We - This is unrelated to the op so I don't think people will see your post. Please start a new thread so your issue will get the attention it deserves.


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