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Da Vinci 1.0A mother board
Hello guys i was wondering where can i get a new motherboard
fried because of the LED ?
yep the flashing got faster and faster and cought on fire shorted out the mother board the motors now dont move
well we think its shorted out
this is after you did some hw modification or before?
before i did it cos i wanted to print 1 more thing out just incase i stuffed something up 10 min into the print the smoke alarm in my room went of ran into the room and it was smoking melted the wire all i was lucky it dident burn anything elce
so i never moded the led
it is weird - the fw should not do this
maybe there was a short somewhere and the flashing made it worse i dont know all i know is that i am mad as i have lost money cos i was suposed to print stuff for people so i need it up and running as soon as possible do u know where i can get a mother board
check here to fix the board :

Motherboard only sell by owner who moded their printer so far

What was burning first - the board or the led ?
i dont know i was watching tv and the smoke alarm went off so i dont know i dident see it happen
Hey i just wanted to let u know i have given up on xyz motherboard i am replacing it with a Smoothieboard

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