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Da vinci 1.0A flashed with repetier 0.92 light not workin
Hello guys

i have a problem after i flashed my printer with repetier 0.92 the led flash on and off when printing from sd card what do i do to fix this
:dry: :dry: :dry: :dry: :dry: :dry:
what model of printer do you have?

Edit: oops was in title, sorry
it is because repetier and stock do not heat in same way, and because power supply is not strong enough, I have a 2.0 and never get this issue - I guess because power supply is for 2 extruders.

you can try to change this in configuration.h line 207 in latest FW
#define PDM_FOR_EXTRUDER 1 to #define PDM_FOR_EXTRUDER 0
Here the explanation from FW
// You can use either PWM (pulse width modulation) or PDM (pulse density modulation) for
// extruders or coolers. PDM will give more signal changes per second, so on average it gives
// the cleaner signal. The only advantage of PWM is giving signals at a fixed rate and never more
// then PWM.
but it prints good when pluged into the pc this problem only happens on the sd card
what about printing from SD with PC plugged ? also has light on and off ?

EDIT: My previous answer was related to this issue :
maybe i should just wire a switch onto it what is the volts on the lights thanks
o and if i print from the pc there is no flickering this problem only happens when printing from the sd card
wire a switch ? for what ?

about SD card I got it, my question was about the behaviour when printing from SD and also PC plugged to Davinc, as some power come from USB cable.
i mean to power the light i am not so good at flashing and pc stuff it took my 18 hours to flash it so i dont really want to do that
18h!!!! what issue did you meet ? are the video and tutorial did not helped ?
no the vids sucked for me i am not computer smart i had flashed it 20 times befor it worked everything that could go wrong went wrong
arf murphy law - sorry for this
thanks i will just try and wire somthing up

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