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Chip Reset on Raspberry Pi?
Hi is it possible to reset the chips using a raspberry pi? They have the same GIOP pins, and don't see why it would not work, just need to translate the commands to work on the pi.

Has anyone done this?
I'm probably not the only one wondering what you mean and what you are trying to do.

Could you describe Beyer what you ate trying to accomplish?

Not sure how much more clear I can be.

I want to reset the factory cartridge EEPROM using a raspberry pi instead of an arduino.
You were clear enough that i wasnt sure what you were asking, and clear enough that no one replied to your thread. Personally I'm not going to waste the time replying unless I'm sure of the question.

Yes, it's possible. As iunderstand if there was a script that was unreliable. No one fixed it, in part because you can find arduino boards for 5 to 10 dollars. As such It simply isn't worth the time investment when the arduino code has long been perfected.


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