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One color stops printing

I use black on left, white on right nozzle. When I print one color with white or black there is no any slightest problems at all, I can print a whole day long, but when I print two colors then white stops at beginning of job. Printer has Repetier 0.92 firmware I slice with latest Cura. I see it stops when amount of white is decreasing, I think. Bottom of print had more white than next layers. I tried changing temperature up and down, decreased "dual extrusion switch amount" from 16.5 to 10. Nothing improved. What can be the cause of this strange phenomena? Still retraction is too big ? I saw that extruder is feeding filament, at least wheel is turning, but I don't hear any clicking when wheel slips on filament, for example when temperature would be too low. Tomorrow I will set mentioned value to 0 and also turn off retraction at all. Anyway filaments are not so different each from another, same producer and wrong retraction settings should cause problems on black also but they aren't. Any idea?

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