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Trying to Print PLA and ABS together....
I know the standard software does not allow it, in the process of upgrading to Repitier.

Anyone done this before?

The reason is to use the PLA as support material for the ABS.
To answer my own question:

I have now upgraded to Repetier FW (and it is an upgrade - thanks to all responsible!)
I am using Simplify 3D and I am quite impressed by it. I also have an UP Plus, which has very good software (fast slicer, good support building, but minimal control of settings) and I think Simplify 3D is better.

I have one extruder configured for ABS and the other for PLA using the "standard" settings for each from the software.
The only "work" to get things working is adding the start up and shutdown G codes to the configuration. I basically just cherry picked the codes already published on this forum.

Having just finished my first ABS print with PLA support, the only things I need to change are:
Increase the retraction for the PLA so I don't get little bits attached to the ABS.
Increase the size of the support structure and possibly the density slightly. The edges of the arch I printed were not supported fully.

Hope this is some help to others, this forum has been a big help to me!
wow this is great news! Did you not have any nozzle jams?

I have heard PLA causes jam on extruder because of improper design. Can you make larger parts with PLA?


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