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M Codes
I have been looking all over for G and Mcode

I ran into this

but are there ones that are specific to Di Vinci, in particular 1.0?

I know these
M203 S255

M42 P85 S0 to turn off the LED
M42 P85 S255 to turn on
Not sure what you are looking for :
M203 is to monitor temperature of extruder or BED so S255 is for bed monitoring = Repetier MCODE

M42 is to handle direct access to any pins it is repetier MCODE, it was used for light before I created M101/M102
Now to control light,
the proper repetier command is: M355 S - Turn case light on/off, no S = report status
So now I there are no more M101/M102

M42 / M203 are repetier commands working on Davinci, but not specific to Davinci FW

Also the commands listed in are the ones working in the FW - so far only the M100 (clean nozzle) and M50 (Stop print from host or SD Card ) commands are specific to the Custom FW
None is is specific to 1.0 they work also with 2.0
Is there a list of working repetier commands working on Da Vinci as well as custom firmware commands?

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